We offer the opportunity for our supporters to sponsor the horse of their choice for £25 per year. In return for this generous donation, we will send you a certificate of sponsorship, a keyring containing a picture of your chosen horse, and a Roleystone mug.


Born in 2015
Standardbred Trotter

Jenny came to us at just two years old after being very cruely treated by a previous owner. It seems likely that Jenny had been made to pull a cart while she was far too young. When we first saw her she was extremely frightened and had a lot of deep whip marks on her neck and back. She also had injuries to her neck, legs, and hips. After many month of love and patience, Jenny has come a long way and has made a wonderful recovery. Click here to read Jenny’s full before and after story.


Born in 1997
Standardbred Trotter

Silverado was rescued from the streets where he had been tethered and bullied by local children. He was still a stallion when he came to us at 18, but settled down once we had him castrated. Silverado struggles to keep weight on so we keep a close eye on his diet and give him supplements to keep him happy and healthy. Click here to read Silverado’s full before and after story.

Phillip on Loan

Born in 2007
34″ tall
Shetland Pony

Phillip came to Roleystone in 2011 after the previous sanctuary he was living at had to close down. He is a lovely boy who can never be ridden because he suffers from progressive curvature of the spine. He is quite a nervous pony and for a long time didn’t get on well with other horses, sometimes chasing the other Shetlands around! However he gets on really well with Silverado and they can often be seen playing in the fields together.

Toby on Loan

Born in 2013
Cob type

Toby was abandoned in someone’s garden in the middle of winter. He had been left tied up for three days when we were contacted. He was very thin and in poor condition, so we brought him back to the sanctuary for some love and proper care. Although he came to us in a sorry state, he is looking beautiful today. Click here to read Toby’s full before and after story.


Born in 2000
32″ tall
Shetland x British Spotted

Nipper came to Roleystone in 2009. She was a companion pony but her owners could no longer manage her laminitis. She is a lovely pony.


Born in 2007

Raj and Jeeves have been brought up together and are best pals. Fortunately, they came to the sanctuary together after living in very poor conditions previously. They can been seen playing and running around the field most days.


Born in 2007

Jeeves had been living in squalor with his friend Raj. Unfortunately they were starving and have breeding problems. They are both safe now and are cheeky ponies who love life.


Born in 1994
Native Cross

Milly is a lovely pony. She suffers from COPD so cannot have any dusty hay.


Born in 1994
Native Cross

Maggie is a lovely gentle pony.


Born in 1998

Shirar came to Roleystone alongside Tariq in 2012. They were both rescued from being put to sleep. Shirar struggles to hold his weight.


Meg is in her thirties, she was a brood mare in the past, she has Cushings Disease and is treated with daily medication. She is also prone to Laminitis and monitored carefully.


Tuesday came to us in 2020 with severe Laminitis. She is Welsh Shetland

Interested in re-homing a horse?

We do rehome horses if we are able to rehabilitate them and find a loving home for them. Home checks are performed to guarantee the suitability of the home, and the horse always remains the property of the sanctuary. We take rehoming very seriously. If at any point the adoptive owner is no longer able to look after the horse, the sanctuary will always take them back to ensure their welfare.

If you are interested in rehoming one of our horses and would like some further information, please contact us to discuss whether we might have a suitable horse for you.

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