We work hard to keep our residents as happy as we can in their later years, and sadly we sometimes have to make the heart breaking decision of having them put to sleep.

They are never euthanized for reasons of age or infirmity alone. Our vets are kept informed if one of our animals is struggling, and with their advice and support, vet decisions are made on such occasions.


Born in 1993
3/4 Caspian x 1/4 Welsh Section B

Mark was born at the sanctuary; his mother is Roshan. He suffers from Cushing’s disease and also has a back injury. He was a lovely gentle pony.


Born in 1991
Welsh Section C

Brennin came to the sanctuary when his owner sadly passed away. He had been a highly successful in-hand show pony and was also used as a driving pony. He suffered with laminitis so his grazing was restricted.


Candy passed over on the 22nd December.  Candy was always very nervous, but she will be sadly missed.  She was approx 30 years old when she passed over.


George passed over on the 10th November 2018.  George was 17.3 ex dressage show jumping horse.  He was rescued and then brought to the Sanctuary.  He was a wonderful big presence on the yard and had lovely personality.


Jack passed over on the 30th October 2019.    Jack was so gentle and kind.


Roshan passed over on the 6th July 2018.

Roshan was born in 1989, Welsh Sec B, Bay mare.  Roshan had had five foals through her life time.  She had been successful in-hand and ridden career.   She was a gentle sole and we miss her greatly.


Baylad was an ex race horse. He came to us in 2001 after the rescue centre he came from had closed down. Baylad was such a patient horse and loved going for walks. He had been slowly struggling with his hips and one particular weekend it was time to have the vet visit him.

Baylad was in his thirties and although he had a relaxed and happy retirement with us, it was time for that awful decision to have him put to sleep. We will always remember him running in the fields with his friend and stable mate, George.


Frasier came to the sanctuary in 2011. He was the most lovely little black Shetland, despite suffering from laminitis and arthritis. He went to the Rainbow Bridge in April 2016; he was over 30 years old.

Qara Su

Qara Su came to the sanctuary in 2007. She was a lovely Caspian mare who was loved by everyone. She was a pleasure to be with. Qara Su went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2015 when she was 33 years old.


Peggy came to the sanctuary in 2011. She was a 16hh polo pony who unfortunately suffered with arthritis. She was such a lovely horse with a wonderful temperament. She went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2014; she was over 30 years old.

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